Aspiring violinists, particularly those interested in jazz and improvisation, will enjoy this collection of 11 solos by Christian Howes, transcribed from SuperNova IMPROV tracks. 


  • Lightly Row

  • Song of the Wind

  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody

  • O Come Little Children

  • Long Long Ago

  • Perpetual Motion

  • Allegretto

  • Etude

  • Minuet 3

  • The Happy Farmer

  • Gavotte

“Opening doors to a child’s creativity is every parent‘s dream! I'm supremely looking forward to sinking our teeth into Christian Howe’s advanced guide to improvising over Suzuki tunes we know so well—this will be fantastic!”

Haylie Ecker

Australian violinist

Co-founding member, multi-platinum classical crossover string quartet Bond

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