Aspiring violinists, particularly those interested in jazz and improvisation, will enjoy this collection of 11 solos by Christian Howes, transcribed from SuperNova IMPROV tracks. 


  • Lightly Row

  • Song of the Wind

  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody

  • O Come Little Children

  • Long Long Ago

  • Perpetual Motion

  • Allegretto

  • Etude

  • Minuet 3

  • The Happy Farmer

  • Gavotte

“Opening doors to a child’s creativity is every parent‘s dream! I'm supremely looking forward to sinking our teeth into Christian Howe’s advanced guide to improvising over Suzuki tunes we know so well—this will be a blast!”

Haylie Ecker

Australian violinist and music educator

Co-founding member, multi-platinum classical crossover string quartet Bond

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