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Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy suggests an extraordinary premise:


Each and every one of us possesses MUSICAL potential.

I propose an equally profound belief: 

Each and every one of us possesses CREATIVE potential.

If you aspire to creative music making, but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place! SuperNova SuperCreativity eSchool presents FOUR INDEPENDENT COURSES with dozens of virtual lessons delivered by composer DAVID CUTLER and violinist CHRISTIAN HOWES. 

Geared towards INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED players (Book 3 and higher) and their TEACHERS, including those with a classical background or limited prior exposure to creative music making, these lessons will prove transformational.

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Creative Performance Practice

(David Cutler)

This course may transform your perspective on music—and life!  Celebrate your own creative genius when performing even strictly notated classical works, customizing articulations, color, ornamentation, and other elements. Demonstrated techniques, applied to simple melodies, are transferable to any repertoire.


Creativity Puzzlers

(David Cutler)


Easy Tonal Improvisation

(Christian Howes)

Each of 24 lessons proposes a creative musical challenge in five minutes or less, complete with success  strategies. Most are achievable by players of all levels, including even those with limited harmonic background.

Learn to compose, arrange, or improvise over foundational tonal chord progressions using Pachelbel’s Canon as an example. Apply your newfound skills to personal projects, like arranging your own song covers (complete with multiple parts!) and more. This module includes play-along videos, a printable workbook, and backing tracks in multiple styles!


Anatomy of a Groove

(Christian Howes)

Building a groove over just two chords, consider how to create bass lines, voicings, comping patterns, scales,”chopping,” soloing, phrasing, and more.

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"My university orchestra recently completed the CREATIVE PERFORMANCE PRACTICE eCourse, which took them through a step-by-step creative music-making process. The students not only became more inventive with musical parameters, but more thoughtful about why specific decisions were being made.

A great resource for middle school through early college — Highly recommended!"

Dr. Rebecca B. MacLeod

Professor of Music, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

President-Elect, ASTA (American String Teachers Association) 


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