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Dr. David Cutler

Author - Speaker - Consultant


Dr. David Cutler is one of the world’s most sought after presenters on music/arts entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, and team-based problem-solving. Armed with actionable solutions that often challenge conventional wisdom, he inspires attendees to amplify creativity, impact, and success.


Engagements are custom-tailored to needs and interests of each organization. Explore the following pages to learn about common offerings. 


KEYNOTES. Engaging, inspirational, action-oriented presentations.

WORKSHOPS. Hands-on, team-based, problem-solving GAMEs. 

FACILITATION. Dynamic guidance for challenging conversations and processes.


RESIDENCIES. Single/multi-day engagements combining various activities. 

CONSULTING/COACHING. One-on-one or small group consultation.

INNOVATION GAMEs. Team-based problem-solving experiences. 

Dr. Cutler is skilled at leading ONLINE and IN PERSON events. 

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