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Dr. Cutler's facilitation, consulting, or multi-faceted residencies are sure to leave a positive, lasting effect on your community.  


When organizations address change, conflict resolution, or other challenging but necessary issues, it often makes sense to engage an external facilitator. Without a dog in the fight, an outsider is best situated to empathize with community members while guiding them to think differently and consider new perspectives.

Cutler specializes in facilitating challenging conversation and creative problem-solving processes. In fact, these perspectives are central to his upcoming visual book Problem-Solving Champion: Winning the GAME of Innovation. 

Preparation typically involves working closely with organization leaders to understand the challenge, potential landmines, and desirable outcomes. One or more approaches is then proposed, shaping the ultimate framework alongside your leadership. Events typically involve a combination of provocative questioning, big idea sharing, team exercises, and guided discussion. Design GAMEs culminate with a presentation or competition of team proposals.



Single and multi-day residencies involve a variety of engagements: 

  • Presentations

  • Workshops

  • Master classes

  • Coaching

  • Consulting

  • Individual/small group meetings

  • Working meals 

Residencies typically combine 2-3 public appearances per day, plus additional activities. When time permits, it can be particularly beneficial to integrate a problem-solving GAME, where teams are guided through a process of designing innovative solutions to an important challenge. 

While every residency is different, I will work with your community to design the most meaningful experience possible.



Cutler is available for single-session and recurring coaching/consultation sessions focused on areas like:

  • Career strategy

  • Organizational strategy

  • Educational strategy

  • Business/marketing models

  • Visioning and innovation

  • Presentation skills

  • Publishing models

  • Entrepreneurial perspectives

  • Process design

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