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Dr. Cutler is renowned for designing and facilitating
team-based, problem-solving GAMEs . 

Visit The Puzzler Company for additional information on Cutler's acclaimed approach to

problem-solving GAMEs

If your organization faces a challenge,

why not turn it into a GAME...

Innovation GAMEs challenge teams to collaboratively design meaningful solutions to  creative challenges. Though the framework involves a carefully planned beginning, middle, and end, proposals are open-ended, blossoming from the creative genius of participants. Beyond addressing the immediate issue, "puzzlers" develop an array of transferable problem-solving skills. 


GAMEs typically require 1/2-day to 1-week, though shorter experiences are also possible. Common challenges address:

  • Cultural evolution

  • Entrepreneurial ventures/business models

  • Curriculum development

  • Financial issues

  • Marketing strategy

  • Innovative visioning

  • Planning for the future

  • Technological integration

  • Driving efficiency and effectiveness

Whether planning a half-day retreat or longer deep dive, let Cutler customize a GAME  for your organization! High-profile examples below.

SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge is a revolutionary professional development "GAME" that teaches participants to become better entrepreneurs, collaborators, change agents, community pillars and dreamers.


Highly diverse teams—representing different ages, geographies, races, religions, genders, and disciplines—are challenged to solve an important problem related to the arts. The event culminates in a public competition.

In seasons 1 - 5, SAVVY teams built innovative, entrepreneurial arts ventures from the ground up. During season 6, nine teams were challenged to design groundbreaking, income-producing arts ventures that solved a problem for a non-arts partner (bank, health care, farm,  etc.)


Join us for 

SAVVY Season 7:


(June 2022). 

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USC Summit 6-5-16 Pic. 550.jpg

21st Century Music School Design Summits

Two sold-out, three-day Carolina/College Music Society Summits challenged 250 music faculty and administrators to imagine meaningful curricular models  tied to distinctive values. 

During Summit 1.0, teams designed innovative degrees tailor-made for 21st century learners. Teams identified values unique to their hypothetical program, and emphasized these priorities through curriculum. At least 20% had to be “traditional,” 20% “innovative,” with the remaining 60% up for grabs.

Summit 2.0 took a different approach. In this case, fairly typical degree course structures were set upon arrival. Teams were not allowed to change any curricular requirements. Instead, they determined how distinct values might be emphasized within the current structure. For the REVEAL, actual students served as judges, voting for the program they would most like to attend.

University Design

Challenge Week


A core group of interdisciplinary leaders experienced a weeklong deep dive into creative problem-solving, innovative process-design, and facilitation training. They were joined by additional participants in the middle of the week for a two-day design GAME and competition.


Practice Design GAME

(typically 20-30 core leaders) ​

Participants worked collaboratively to solve a mini problem-solving GAME while learning the basics of design thinking.


Facilitation Training

(20-30 core leaders)

Attention turned to facilitation and team strategies. In the afternoon, participants prepared to co-facilitate a larger GAME beginning Wednesday.


Problem-Solving GAME

(20-30 core leaders, 50 - 70 additional)

Core leaders co-facilitated a 2-day custom-designed problem-solving GAME built around an exciting opportunity. The action commenced in a fierce but fun public competition.


GAME Design

(20 - 30 core leaders)

After reflecting on our experience together, participants custom designed their own problem-solving GAMEs, addressing important community challenges.

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