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Cutler’s presentations are engaging, inspirational, and action-oriented. Some popular music/arts options below.

A Life in the Arts:

BIG Ideas on Career and Financial Success

50-90 minutes

In a cutthroat world where disruptive technological change has rewritten all the rules, success requires much more than talent and hard work. This powerhouse presentation by arts entrepreneurship guru David Cutler unveils nine big ideas that help musicians thrive.

How Music/Arts Education Can Change the World (and Why it Often Doesn’t)

60-90 minutes

We've all experienced the incredible power of music education. But as a community, do we live up to our potential? This surprising presentation shows uncommon ways to increase impact and advocacy, making music education more essential and valued (and supported).

Music School Champion

50-100 minutes

A changing world brings new challenges and opportunities to music schools. What do 21st century students want and need? How can programs remain competitive and relevant? Join Dr. David Cutler, author of The Savvy Musician and director of two College Music Society Summits on 21st Century Music School Design, to consider strategies for keeping music programs strong and sustainable. 

SAVVY Studio Shakeup

50-90 minutes

A electrifying talk on how creativity and innovation lead to greater studio demand, student commitment, personal inspiration, and even income.

The Outward Artist

50-60 minutes

This provocative workshop re-examines the motivation of musicians, and in doing so, illuminates a powerful, uncommon strategy for increasing meaning and success in your career.

Average Student, Savvy Student

50-90 minutes

Sure, you're a stellar music student, revered for excellent playing, high grades, and a strong work ethic.  But are you savvy?  Do you approach your academic experience in ways that best position you for success down the road?  This uncommon presentation questions conventional wisdom, challenging you to re-imagine your potential as a music student. 

Creative Performance Practice

50-90 minutes

A revolutionary approach, Creative Performance Practice empowers classical performers to personalize and differentiate the music they play in profound ways. Embracing your own creative genius may change your entire perspective on music—and life! 

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