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Q: What is SuperNova? 

A: SuperNova is an exhilarating composition by Dr. David Cutler that dramatically reimagines the 17 pieces from Suzuki Violin School, Volume 1. While melodies remain largely unchanged, rhythm section accompaniments are virtuosic, exploratory, and super fun, inspired by different music genres from around the globe (TANGO to TECHNO to BOOGIE to BAROQUE).

Q: Who is the ideal audience? 

A: Though SuperNova integrates Suzuki Book 1 melodies, it offers enjoyment and education to beginning/intermediate/advanced students (and their teachers). Learn more here

Q: What SuperNova products are available? 

A: A lot! Take a look around this site to learn about SuperNova:

Q: How can I access digital content? 

A: You must be a site member. If you are not already a member, instructions will be communicated during the purchase process.


You must be logged in to access streaming pages like recordings and eCourses. You should be able to stay logged in over time if using the same computer.​​


Q: Are recordings downloadable? 

A: Individuals who have purchased recorded materials are able to download MELODY and IMPROV tracks.


PLAY-ALONG albums are not currently downloadable in order to protect this intellectual property from being distributed illegally.​​

Q: What is the best way for my students to get SuperNova?

A: Quite a few options are available. For more information, visit this page.​​


Q: How can we integrate SuperNova PLAY-ALONG tracks into recordings or video? 

A: That's a great question. The value of recording and making videos is so valuable. We are working on solutions to make this possible. Stay tuned for details!

Q: What future plans do you have for SuperNova?

A: We've gotten many requests to repurpose these arrangements down a fifth, to match the keys of viola, cello, and bass in Volume 1 books. If there is enough demand, that is the next project we hope to tackle.​​

Q: Do you have permission to re-imagine Suzuki melodies? 

A: Absolutely! We went through a long but wonderful process to secure these rights from the International Suzuki Association and Alfred Music, and are so grateful to these organizations.

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