The GAME of Innovation:

Gamify Challenges, Level Up Your Team, and Play to Win


Author: David Cutler

Contributions: Lance LaDuke

Illustrations: Patti Dobrowolski

Design: Cara Belloso

The GAME of Innovation (projected publication: November 2021) is a visual book that helps individuals and organizations of all stripes crack life’s complex puzzles. After examining common problem-solving pitfalls (chapter 0), it unveils a flexible, step-by-step approach to building powerhouse processes, working effectively with teams, and arriving at the remarkable.

Part A – Gamify Challenges

Chapters 1-4

What if you approached life challenges as if they were GAMEs of profound consequences? Why not treat them with the discipline, tactics, and resolve of a skilled Olympian? Which problem will you confront? Who forms the team? What will they do? How is victory defined? Take great pains to build meaningful problem-solving processes. This section describes four central GAME elements applicable to any dilemma: Guidelines, Arena, Materials, Experience.

Chapters 5-9

Problem-solving is a team sport. Yet even the most devoted puzzlers can lose focus and get off track. Learn a powerful approach to aligning your community and boosting productivity. Five colored lenses—GREEN (Gather), PURPLE (Propose), BLUE (Boost), RED (Rip), and ORANGE (Own)—ensure that everyone is on the same page at a given time. Chapters detail techniques for investigation, ideation, feedback, and committing to one choice at the expense of a thousand others.

Part B – Improve Your Vision

Part C – Play to Win

Chapters 10 - 12

The design of a problem-solving GAME is critical, but only part of the puzzle. Just as important are your people. How are they led? How do they engage? What’s the culture? Shaping both the experience and outcomes, the final section focuses on facilitating effectively, cultivating happy teams, and arriving at the remarkable.