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The SuperNova SuperDeluxe Bundle includes a range of SuperNova products for devloping technique, creativity, and tons of fun.



Physical book contains melodies and piano scores for all 17 SuperNova tunes, plus supplemental content on developing CREATIVITY and TECHNIQUE.



Features fully notated transcription of 11 incredible SuperNova solos by Christian Howes. Follow along, play along, or use it as inspiration for your own creativity. 



Lifetime streaming access to all  5 SuperNova ablums:

  • MELODY album. Featuring Rebecca Hunter performing all 17 SuperNova tunes.
  • IMPROV album. Featuring Christian Howes improvising over all 17 SuperNova tunes.
  • 3 PLAY-ALONG albums. Become the star as you "Suzuki-oke" with the band! At least FIVE versions of each tune included, (with and without click, various tempos).


SuperCreativity eSchool (More info)

SuperNova SuperCreativity eSchool presents FOUR INDEPENDENT COURSES with dozens of virtual lessons delivered by composer DAVID CUTLER and violinist CHRISTIAN HOWES. Geared towards INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED players (Book 3 and higher) and their TEACHERS, including those with a classical background or limited prior exposure to creative music making, these lessons will prove transformational.

  • Course 1: Creative Performance Practice (taught by David Cutler)
  • Course 2: Creativity Puzzlers (taught by David Cutler)
  • Course 3: Easy Tonal Improv (taught by Christian Howes)
  • Course 4: Anatomy of a Groove (taught by Christian Howes)

SuperNova SuperDeluxe Bundle (Print Edition + Full Recordings + eSchool))

$249.99 Regular Price
$129.99Sale Price
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