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Kinda Baroque

A Baroque violin and a piano walk into a bar. See what happens next...

I was flattered when my wife/Baroque violinist Erika Cutler invited me to perform Italian composer Dario Castello's (1602-1631) Seconda Sonata. But while I love this gorgeous music, it is far from my specialty.

Rather than doing a less good version of what has already been performed extraordinarily before, we took another approach. Embracing Creative Performance Practice, Erika played the original part authentically, but I was free to integrated my own language in the improvised piano part.

The resultant music is at once Baroque and something entirely different. It is a true collaborative effort between composer and performer.

The video below begins with a humorous description of challenges challenges we faced when working on this...

  1. No harpsichord

  2. I don't Baroque

  3. I don't read scribble

  4. It's in the wrong key

...before sharing our unique musical vision (beginning at3:58). Please enjoy!

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