Why Arts Education Matters

Probably everyone reading this blog is an ardent advocate of arts education. But why? Is arts education truly necessary?

For my next book, one chapter focuses on the importance of arts education. In researching what others have had to say about this issue, here are some videos I’ve come across. Do you agree with their points? Do you have additional arguments?





This one minute video articulates various rationales for arts education.


Roger H. Brown, President of Berklee College of Music, gives a passionate defense of music education and the importance of encouraging every possible student to participate in a music-related school activity.

Sir Ken Robinson, internationally-renowned expert in the field of creativity and innovation in business and education, discusses why arts education matters.

Here are thoughts by Mike Huckabee, former Republic presidential contender and Arkansas governer.

President Barack Obama shared his thoughts on the importance of music education here.  (Unfortunately, this video cannot be embedded).

Hillary Clinton, former US first lady and current Secreatary of State, on the importance of Dance Education.

This video looks at the Harmony Program out of CUNY in NYC, which provides after-school music education to under-privileged children. The program is modeled off El Sistema, a famed Venezuelan program of the same nature.

Finally, here is an extended panel discussion on the value of arts education produced by Views and Vibes.

What would you like to add?

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