How to Sell New Music

They say some new music is too wierd for audiences. They say it could never sell. They say people only like the tunes they already know and love, written by good faithful Europeans centuries ago.

Well, I say humbug. That all depends on presentation. In the right context, you can sell just about anything.

Even crazy stuff by a nutty Hungarian like Ligeti. As prove, I offer the following video, featuring Brian McWhorter on trumpet, David Riley on piano, and Phillip Patti on percusion. With a special cameo scream by Molly Barth. Enjoy Mysteries of the Macabre.

While there are hundreds of thousands of great performances captured on tape, the music videos featured on TSM blog feature musical creations that are unusual, innovative, humorous, or otherwise purple. This collection is fun–perhaps a stress reliever or diversion at a late night bash! It also provides you with an opportunity to discover new and creative musicians.

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