Fun Christmas Music Videos

Here are some fun and unusual music videos for the Christmas season that you probably don’t know.  Happy Holidays, and please enjoy!!!!!







An iBand Christmas

A group of musicians from North Point Community Church perform Feliz Navidad on iPhones and iPads.

Dan the Unwise Man

My good friend Lance LaDuke, trombonist and euphonium player for the Boston Brass, became convinced that the Christmas Story was lopsided.  ”With all these wise men parading about, surely there must have been at least one unwise dude,” LaDuke pondered academically.  And then he uncovered a papyrus detailing the amazing story of Dan the Unwise Man.  Lance and I created a song about this incredible story, which is shown in the video below.

Groovin’ on the Nutcracker

This video features beat boxing flutist Greg Pattillo along with cellist Eric Stephenson and bassist Peter Seymour playing their groovin’ version of the Nutcracker.


One of the great Christmas traditions is all of the wonderful food treats we get to devour: X-mas cookies, fudge, eggnog,  fruit cake, pumpkin pie, gingerbread.  In this video, Jeremiah Franks describes his favorite meal: toast.  Accompanying himself on a toaster, he tells the story of his relationship with this powerful carbohydrate.


Multiphonic Silent Night

Trombonist Wes Funderburk, a freak accident of nature by any measure, performs this trombone duo by himself in real time.  Here, he sings the melody while playing the accompaniment.  I know, I know, he’s just not right…


Finally, if you haven’t heard Pomplamoose yet, you’re in for a real treat.  Plus, at the end of this video, they show you an amazing and charitable way to get their music.  Tis the season.

Happy holidays!  Wishing you joy, success, and savviness in the new year!

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