Why Purple is the Most Marketable Color

Many musicians spend a great deal of time focused on artistic excellence, and almost none on what makes them remarkable.  If you hope to attract significant attention, I suggest you prioritize both. In an over-crowded market, where hundreds of competitors often vie for jobs, concert engagements, students, or audience members, only those that are truly remarkable have the potential of breaking through the clutter and getting more than their fair share of  attention and opportunity.

Seth Godin is, in my opinion, one of the most important marketing voices on the planet. In his book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, he argues that for products or businesses to thrive, they must be extraordinarily differentiated from the competition.  Here is an important lesson extracted from Purple Cow: 


…”is very good.” Ideas that are remarkable are much more likely to spread than ideas that aren’t.  Yet so few brave people make remarkable stuff.  Why? I think it’s because they think that the oppositte of “remarkable” is “bad” or “mediocre” or “poorly done.”  Thus, if they make something very good, they confuse it with being virus-worthy.  Yet this is not a discussion about quality at all.

If you travel on an airline and they get you there safely, you don’t tell anyone.  That’s what’s supposed to happen. What makes it remarkable is if it’s horrible beyond belief or if the service is so unexpected (they were an hour ealy! they comped my ticket because I was cute! they served flaming crepes suzette in first class!) that you need to share it….

Are you making very good stuff? How fast can you stop?

In the following video, Godin discusses the importance of being remarkable. If you like what you see, it’s definitely worth reading the complete book! It may even change your whole approach to music making. 

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